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Why 100% certified organic cotton?

Health experts all agree women should be wearing 100% cotton underwear, not just a cotton lining or a cotton blend.
100% cotton underwear allows your vagina to breathe all day providing optimal conditions for health and cleanliness.

100% Cotton is also biodegradable, simply cut off the elastic trims and voila - compost away!


We take great pride in our responsibility in finding suppliers making materials that are the highest quality and made with consideration for the workers and environment.


Our fabric supplier in Japan, have worked with a specific group of cotton growers for over 15 years. Our fabric is 100% organic cotton grown in India, which is certified by international certification body, approved by IFOAM and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Working with fabric manufacturers in Japan is important as they are obliged to follow extremely strict waste management and textile production laws.

The growers of our cotton are supported by an independent Foundation whose purpose is to promote the organic-cotton farming as a sustainable source of income. It supports the development of infrastructure in the fields of education, health, secure livelihoods as well as integration and participation of farmers.

Both suppliers are transparent about their supply chains to the extent that we know the lot number and year our batch of cotton was harvested in India.


All of our elastic picot edge, strapping and hardware are made just out of Kyoto, Japan.

Just like our fabric, these suppliers follow the strict waste management and textile production laws in place in Japan.


We proudly manufacture 100% of our collection in Sydney.

Producing our collection locally not only reduces the environmental impact of our brand but also supports small,
local family owned businesses that embrace fair treatment practices.

We could not be more proud of the many hands that have touched our garments. We could not have done it without them, here are the talented and charming people in Australia who have touched our pieces.


We worked with our cutter and makers to collect all of our fabric scraps. We then went through the scraps to salvage what we could, what couldn’t be saved has been responsibly recycled.