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Caring for your underwear (and clothes) is important to ensure longevity, lasting quality and optimum product life. Please endeavour to carefully follow the care instructions found on the care label inside your garment.

For the best care of your underwear we recommend washing by hand in cold water, but we also understand the reality is most pieces are likely to be machine washed which is also ok, only when done on a gentle cycle and a garment bag is recommended.

Always wash light and dark colours separately.

Use a gentle liquid washing detergent, avoid rubbing and wringing.

Do not tumble dry, iron or dry clean.

All washed garments must be air-dried, preferably in the shade. Avoid drying your clothes in direct sunlight as over time the fabric may fade.

High heat, via either water or air in a dryer will degrade the elastic as well as the fabric of your underwear.