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Ethical, comfortable, quality - The Great Undressed is a label for people who want to make informed decisions regarding their participation in the fashion industry.

Carefully sourced materials, quality made with integrity & consideration and will stand the test of time. Tried and true classic undergarments that will always be a welcomed addition to your underwear drawer (or on your body). Designed for women who like to make a statement about wearing what’s best for them with little impact on the environment.


When it comes down to it, people are passionate about their underwear. If you ask anyone about their favourite pair, they will often launch into beautiful detail about a pair of undies they hold dear to their heart.

We’ve worked hard on developing five different underwear shapes because we all know that women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes. We have created this range of cuts so women can determine which cut is most comfortable on their unique body shape.



We have created soft bralettes to wear with your undies, our bras are soft and show the natural shape of your boobs. At first it can feel weird but this is a result of social construct, wear your natural boobs with pride.

We apologise if you need more support than our bras offer - if this is the case please let us know, it is something we are continuing to work on.


We have created sizing that is realistic - if you wear a size 10 pant you will be a size 10 undies, not need to size up.

If you are unsure about sizing, please visit our sizing page, email us or visit our studio.


When we get dressed in the morning we want every customer to grab their undies and think to themselves
‘I am Great Undressed’.

Building this acknowledgement into our morning rituals is important in challenging the unrealistic societal expectations of beauty.


To make things more economical and easier for our makers we have committed to a limited run of styles and sizes. Which will rarely be restocked or go on sale.


In an effort to reduce waste, we have consciously decided to use minimal packaging.

When it comes to our labelling we have sourced 100% recycled cotton labels for our garments. We made them as fine as possible without losing the recycled element, if they bother you - please carefully cut them out (we won’t be offended).

In regards to packaging we are minimalists. We think it is unnecessary to use tissue and plastics, we use recycled paper bags or GOTS certified organic cotton reusable drawstring bags.


Wear marks on your undies, like pilling is not a sign of faulty garments. If you wear tight raw materials like (denim), being made of such soft natural fibres they may slightly pill and sag with wear.

Appropriate care, washing and alternating wears of your underwear will help improve their longevity.

Of all of your garments in your wardrobe, your underwear is the one item that naturally gets thrashed about, repeatedly worn, washed and forgotten about. The more care you show your undies the more they will return the love.

For more information about the care of your pieces, please visit our Garment Care page.

Please also read about our production processes